I Believe In You Your Magic Is Real

Taking the Ellen McArthur step this past summer, YACHT, aka Portland’s Jona Bechtolt, left his role as beat-button rudder with K Records’ digital twee-sters The Blow to set sail solo. Man over bored, obviously. Or perhaps just restless as Bechtolt’s aqua-alter-ego has been coasting quite nicely since 2004. Yet ‘I Believe In You…’ is no great departure from his first two efforts. While his goofiness is endearing – like on folktronic-twang ‘See A Penny (Pick It Up)’ (the video of which features Jona dressed as a 1p coin) – it does feel a little forced, like James Murphy playing the Beck jester-card. Despite this, the nursery-rhyme-ringtone-gone-evil quack of ‘It’s All The Same Price’, where San Francisco hipsters Eats Tapes pop up with an ambulance siren solo, is irresistible. The rest is all very jolly, in the same way a wet dog is, for the first few minutes. Plus, he looks very much like Mika. Cruel world.

Greg Cochrane