Album review: Years – ‘Years’

Indietronica from Canadian man of many talents

“This album is a time stamp and music is about the moment,” states the PR

bumph for hereOhad Benchetrit’s first solo foray. Crumbs, this is going to be

fun. Yet, while on paper the latest project from Do Make Say Think and

Broken Social Scene’s multi-instrumentalist reads like one big muso

masturbation sesh, ‘Years’ is sonically inventive and – get this – hugely listenable too. Rhythms pulsate around these mostly instrumental soundscapes like demented rattlesnakes while acoustic guitars, horns, wind, strings and distorted riffs combine, surging and sliding to astounding effect. Some call it IDM (intelligent dance music) but we wouldn’t be so lame. Wisftul and powerful and intricate and warm;

that’s the Years sound.

Camilla Pia

here to get your copy of ‘Years’ from the Rough Trade store