You Say Party! We Say Die!

Lose All Time

Like communism, Spider-Man 3 and Paris Hilton going to jail, the idea of You Say Party! We Say Die! has always been better than the reality. Hearing five Canadians tear up the dancefloor with socio-political rage and a working knowledge of the finest American punk-funk from the last 25 years should be exciting enough to loosen bowels en masse. However, ‘Lose All Time’ is strangely unsatisfying on the whole. Tracks such as ‘Opportunity’ and ‘Like I Give A Care’ are filled with singer Becky Ninkovic’s boisterous bluster and the band’s relentless energy, but they fail to leave any lasting impression beyond a brief bout of head-nodding. Two albums in YSP!WSD! continue to be disappointingly less than the sum of their parts.

Hardeep Phull