Album Review: Young Rebel Set – ‘Curse Our Love’

Sticking to the familiar, next step, an injection of individuality

These guys are the sort of band that make people like me feel like the flimsy, useless hipsters we are. Solid, warm and human, critical sneers will bounce off them like a seven-stone skinny-jeaned rugby tackle off a bouncy castle. From name to business model (three years of hard live graft and writing) to influences (Cash, Springsteen, Dylan) they’re classicists to the core.

Thing is, if you’re going to follow the lines of tradition so closely, you need a pretty bright individual spark to colour them in, if ‘familiar’ isn’t going to become ‘forgettable’. [a]Young Rebel Set[/a] are as comfortable and enjoyable as a Mumford-wool blanket, but when was the last time you got really excited by a woolly blanket?

Emily Mackay

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