Young Widows – ‘Easy Pain’

The Kentucky trio's latest is all brawn and no brains

Young Widows deal in heavy rock. The Kentucky trio, now on their fourth album after forming in the wake of their post-hardcore band Breather Resist, rely on power, anguish and volume. ‘Easy Pain’ is loaded with all three. The flickering intro on opener ‘Godman’ is a gateway to the kind of humungous riff that greasy Year 10s in Deftones hoodies headbanged to on school buses in 2001. Drums crack like hammers, guitar and bass jostle furiously. The jittery ‘Kerosene Girl’ and guitar behemoth ‘Cool Night’ are highlights, layering pummelling instrumentals and desperate vocals with dexterity. Yet ‘Easy Pain’ proves hard to like; and with little more than aimless aggression to cling onto for eight songs, you realise it’s all muscle.

Ben Homewood


Record label: Temporary Residence