Album Review: Alias - 'Fever Dream'

Lush, psychedelic, and often funky

It is unfortunate for Alias that he is so closely linked to the highly regarded Anticon label and the ever-changing world of underground hip-hop. In that context, this album, for all its undoubted charms, sounds like a record that is behind the times. ‘Fever Dream’ sees him desert the boom-bap quantized beats for which he has become known in favour of post-Flying Lotus lolloping percussion and woozy sample collages. The results are lush, psychedelic, often funky and always immaculately produced. But compared to, say, ‘Cosmogramma’, it sounds unadventurous and polite, as if Alias has grasped the sound of Fly-Lo et al rather than the spirit.

Ben Cardew
6 / 10

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