Pure Shores

All Saints Pure Shores(London)

All Saints

Pure Shores (London)

The miraculous resurrection of William Orbit continues. A few years back he was another washed-up house has-been but with the impressive performance of the Orbit-produced 'Ray Of Light' by Madonna, the slap-headed techno boffin has a second lease of life. This time, he's trying to coax a deeply nonplussed public into believing that the street Spice Girls are a living, breathing entity rather than a cabal of reformed catalogue models who are more interested in 'actressing' than making music.

'Pure Shores', co-written by Orbit and Shaznay Lewis (the only All Saint with any visible interest in music), is the theme song from the movie transfer of Alex Garland's zeitgeist-defining year abroad novel The Beach, and is an inane enough confection of bleeps and fieldmouse rhythms which sounds so close to Madonna that it's almost indistinguishable.

Jim Wirth

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