Album Review: Amy Macdonald - 'A Curious Thing' (Mercury)

A more predictable thing that you'd imagine

Leaving aside efforts from bagpipe ensembles and suchlike, the second album by Glaswegian pop hen Amy Macdonald will be the most Scottish record released this year. Not in a misty-eyed thistle-brandishing way – rather in the sense that ‘A Curious Thing’’s folkish Ford Mondeo pop upholds the nation’s legacy of pleasantly anthemic drivetime belters. Deacon Blue, Eddi Reader, Sharleen Spiteri: your boys took a hell of a, um, tribute-paying tonight, with rogue Englishman Paul Weller on guitar. It’s best at its most retro (the jittery Buddy Holly moves of ‘Love Love’) and will no doubt ably soundtrack the next Hogmanay in the Glasgow rain. It’s probably not coincidence that it’s been released in time for Mother’s Day, either.

Noel Gardner
5 / 10

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