Album Review: Andrew WK - 'Close Calls With Brick Walls/Mother Of Mankind' (Steev Mike)

The wayard American is still a party starter

As his label name references, hairy avant-savant pop-metal wiz Andrew WK recently stood accused of being an industry puppet controlled by backroom forces, the mysterious ‘Steev Mike’ being the shadowy man behind his music. Bollocks, but it only serves to ramp up the hammy entertainment value of ‘Close Calls...’, a 2006 album only released in Japan and Korea until now, and ‘Mother...’, a rarities collection spanning 1999-2010. The former often finds Andrew trying to replicate the crap-into-gold alchemy that birthed ‘Party Hard’; deviations from the template can suggest either Cheap Trick or Meat Loaf. The second disc is more goofily eclectic and very long, but worth it for heroic roided-up Bryan Ferry turns.

Noel Gardner

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7 / 10

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