Arcade Fire - 'Crucified Again'

Canadian rock royalty back on spine-tingling form, but will it make the cut for their new album?

Victor Frankowski/NME
Photo: Victor Frankowski/NME
“Christ you know it ain't easy,” sang John Lennon back in 1969, “You know how hard it can be./The way things are going /They're going to crucify me.” Rock’s persecution complex is alive and well judging by the unreleased live track from Arcade Fire that has just surfaced online. ‘Crucified Again’ is a gorgeous, melancholy lament with the band’s string section in full flow and Win Butler whispering in your ear about the perils of the church: “Preachers talk on television / hand out the judgments of their religion.” The song would have fit naturally on 2007’s ‘Neon Bible’ and wouldn’t even have felt out of place on last record ‘The Suburbs’. The band first played it live in 2011, during a surprise show in Haiti, so we don’t know whether it’s being prepared for inclusion on their fourth album which they’re currently recording. What we do know is that, on this form, Arcade Fire haven’t forgotten how to make our hair stand on end.

Kevin EG Perry

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