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It's not an easy task [a]Destiny's Child[/a] set themselves....

It's not an easy task Destiny's Child set themselves. To offer 14 commandments on how to conduct relationships, magnify the shortcomings and foibles of your ex-boyfriends, and convert the results into a competitive modern-day R&B album takes a degree of dedication and spite. Somehow, the four young Texan women have managed to pull off the seemingly impossible, helped by some of today's top soul producers, and it's safe to say only the most masochistic of men will stick around to hear themselves lampooned.

To people outside the immediate culture that birthed Destiny's Child these clever attempts at a universal pop sound will seem new and different enough to engage attention. Taking Timbaland's successful experiments as a blueprint, Rodney Jerkins and She'kspere pile on the jittery beats, refuse to scrimp on the keyboard spray-painting, and conduct the quartet's voices into a mutant black Andrew Sisters symphony.

And, fair's fair, the likes of the sleek and sumptuous 'If You Leave' and the Missy Elliott-directed 'Confessing' certainly have enough sparks to set dancefloors and bedrooms alight. Plus, if you really think about it, the now familiar 'Bills, Bills, Bills', is, along with the more playful 'Temptations', a good example of just how modern, assertive and demanding Destiny's Child project themselves to be.
6 / 10

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