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The return of ex-[B]Daisy Chainsaw[/B] mad lasy [B]Katie Jane Gartside[/B]...

She freaked out early-'90s indieland with her intensity and then ran off to scream at mountains, but we have at last arrived at the What Katie Jane Did Next Moment.

Six years on, the one-time singer of the splendidly dysfunctional Daisy Chainsaw - Katie Jane Garside - is back with her former guitarist Crispin Grey and a bassist who looks like a very tall Omar Sharif. It's a low-key re-emergence, but Garside's charisma makes itself felt before she's even opened her mouth. Hair up in neurotic dolly tangle, she paces the stage. Her fingers wander. She finds her face and prods at it, as if suddenly discovering something on the end of her neck. And, ooh, a nose!

As the frenzy of 'Cold Fish' demonstrates, however, Garside is no empty poseur. With her voice having gained a raging edge to add to its childlike quality she throws herself fully into Queen Adreena's torrid dreamscape rock thing. All sicko-glam paroxysms and Grimm fairy-tale trilling, they're already looking like a great Magic Rock band, suspended in that moment between the toys coming alive at midnight and the horror bursting up from under the floorboards.

And they have the best succubus singer in rock. She's Psycho Bjvrk, Janice In Wonderland, Polly Harpy. The daisy has blossomed, but it's still got vicious teeth.

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