Originally released in 1972 during [B]Hazlewood's[/B] Swedish exile, [B]'13'[/B] polishes the picaresque legend of the wine-stoned cowboy with red-and-white spotted handkerchiefs to spare...

White wine every morning, red wine every night. Opium - "whatever that is" - any old time at all. It's no surprise that for those who unearthed their definition of cool at the same thrift store they pick up nylon shirts, Lee Hazlewood is the apple in the hipsters' paradise. One bite, and you know it all, from the chicks in iconic boots to the trials that make a man's voice so goddamn deep.

[/I] ('Ten Or 11 Towns Ago'), or the love-damaged lost soul on 'I Move Around', yet sentiment and storytelling don't disguise the basic philosophy: one for the ladies, one for the road.

"You look like a lady/Let me sing my song to you", he growls incorrigibly on the opening track. You know she's anything but, yet in Lee's reckless world, it's signifiers that count.

Looks like a dude. Sounds like a genius. Hell, that's a tune you can live with.
7 / 10

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