Swim Team #1v

[B]'Swim Team #1'[/B] retails for the price of a 12" single. Bargain.

Back in the old days, Wire ruled the art school. While the other kids were still spitting on their friends and trying to perfect their Sid Vicious sneer, Wire released three albums that defined the promise of new wave.

But they fell in with the wrong crowd. There's a temptation to the avant-garde, and it's one that destroys the promise of so many young students. A predilection for the drone, an enthusiasm for cutting-edge electronica - all this talent, wasted on the ever-elusive pursuit of the 'new'.

It's school reunion time, though. Now that Wire have reformed, here's our chance to see what Colin Newman's been up to for the last 20 years. This is a sampler for his record label, Swim, formed with fellow futurist Malka Spigel - and while we've reasonable doubts when faced with old men making The New Music, what's here is actually rather good. Newman himself crops up occasionally - best, on the Wire-esque spoken-word of 'The Narrativ' - but there are other artists that use Wire's inspiration in a more oblique way - the stuttering Teutonica of Ronnie And Clyde's 'Mikki Maus', the Plone-esque pitter-patter of Lobe's 'Red Spaces', or the overbearing hum of Silo's 'Bulk'.

'Swim Team #1' retails for the price of a 12" single. Bargain.
8 / 10

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