[B]The Servant[/B] sit somewhere below [B]Carol Vorderman[/B] and [B][B]The Charlatans[/B][/B]' accountant...

The Servant formed from the ashes of club crossover band Minty last year. Dan Black, who was the newest member of the band, has taken the lion's share of songwriting duties in The Servant, and the result is a debut which has taken all the right, notionally arty ingredients, but used them in all the wrong places. When Black stops trying too hard and allows his songs to flow, he produces music that glistens like freshly fallen snow. Opener 'The Apes And The Chimpanzees' struts with the kind of funky charm you would expect of a song about primates, while 'Tangled Up In Headphone Lead' has a lo-fi, melancholic edge to its acoustic strains.

But apart from these two notable exceptions, this six-track mini-album frustrates more than it entertains. 'Too Late' is littered with unnecessary and ill thought-out touches, while the remainder of the record just meanders aimlessly before limping towards a nothing conclusion.

The Servant's attempts at irony and inventiveness ultimately come across as naff, and in trying to sound modern they forget to sound fresh. In the bloodline of great mathematicians, The Servant sit somewhere below Carol Vorderman and The Charlatans' accountant. Which is not a pretty place to reside.
4 / 10

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