London Kentish Town Bull & Gate

Nothing that's happened here tonight makes much sense.

Oh, it's a fearful sight. This mob of tangled teenagers have had their bottle of White Lightning (each) in the van, been sick behind the kebab shop and are flopping and stumbling all over, ready to tuck up tight in bed after this wild night out. Except it's only 8.30. Sigh.

It's another Fierce Panda night all right - marking the release of the 'Cutting Hedge' double vinyl EP - and Braintree's Jellicoe have brought all their mates with them. Jellicoe are three immaculately styled post-grunge kidz with a whole schooner full of great big noisy Placebo-esque songs and nil angst whatsoever. Good attitude.

Stingray, on the other hand, are very serious and po-faced young people indeed. They bring news of doooom and they express it through repeating "I think to myself" again and again over clumsily articulated guitar sludge. It's good to take music seriously, but come on... Radiohead do misery with glockenspiels, for fuck's sake. This forced gravitas is just dour.

So hurrah, then, for Pachinos! They're from Lancashire and what they do is they wear suits and play gloriously out-of-control punked-up greased-down rawk pop songs that skedaddle around the room and make you grin so much your face hurts. Like a sort of dandified Yo-Yo's, and a Very Good Thing.

Tenner aren't actually on 'Cutting Hedge', but we can waive that detail 'cos they're ace. They sound as if they should smell of bike oil and aftershave, but not in a bad way. Their link with Fierce Panda is that 'Where Do You Come From?' is coming out on the label soon, and tonight they turn it into a massive sprawl of confusion and joy and fuck knows what else.

Nothing that's happened here tonight makes much sense. With Fierce Panda, though, that's normally the whole glorious point.

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