Brighton Lift

They're a ridiculously competent bunch too...

As omens go, tonight doesn't bode well. First, there's the awful name, equal only to Lupine Howl in cringe potential. Second, this is IEP's debut gig, and, finally, the band are the side-project of Stereolab bassist Simon Johns, known to his friends as 'Cape And Iceskates' because of his love of prog rock, who takes to the stage proudly wearing a Yes T-shirt.

But appearances can be deceptive. And what threatens to be a marathon of po-faced electronic noodling ends up a warm, organic and satisfying experience - like a cuddlier, loungier 'Lab, only with more jazz, a trumpet player and not a Krautrock workout in sight.

Hey, this Brighton-based instrumental six-piece even have a sense of humour, sticking two fingers up to all those preconceptions by actually calling their second song 'Prog Rock'. Another is called 'Deep Rice Pudding', 'cos, well, it seems like one in a gloopily sweet way. They're a ridiculously competent bunch too, with a fantastic drummer powering IEP's hypnotic Moog-embellished grooves.

By the time the dirty funk of 'Day Of The Dirge' ends proceedings, people are shaking a leg rather than stroking facial hair. The 'Lab experiment is a success then. It's just the name that needs to go back to the drawing board.

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