London Highbury Garage

Hooray for boobies? Nah. Hooray for brains!

In case you hadn't noticed, we're living in the age of the moron. Blink-182 and Bloodhound Gang rule the airwaves and the skate parks. Maybe Kansas City quintet The Get Up Kids can save us.

Incredibly for a band that have been together for five years, The Get Up Kids are still at college. They sound like they're just discovering punk rock, throwing themselves head-on into the fire, mercifully uncool enough not to care about the consequences, and sounding so damn fresh that you want to leap onstage and pinch their cheeks before they kick you back into the politely enthusiastic moshpit (where, tonight, no-one is getting punched or groped).

There's the odd worrying moment, like on 'Action And Action', where they threaten to slip into a chorus of Blink-182's 'All The Small Things', but mostly they simply douse a frenetic form of serrated pop in petrol and self-doubt and come on like the Fugazi it's OK for the cast of Friends to like. Loosely it's called emo-core, and bequiffed singer Matt Pryor manages to be both fragile, love-struck kid and raging rock demon in equal measures. "This is FUN!" he laughs, before proceeding to prove that, yes, you can have fun without being a mindless gimp.

And then they go and finish with 'I'll Catch You', that rarest of things - a rock ballad that doesn't suck, even remotely. Hooray for boobies? Nah. Hooray for brains!

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