London SE1 Regalia

This place is rocking. Literally, that is.

This place is rocking. Literally, that is. For while Kansas blues-hopper Shawn Lee is doing his damndest to make sure we're shimmying, the real reason everyone here is swaying so much is that we're on a boat.

It's a long way from Wichita to a kitsch launch on the Thames usually reserved for city boys' drunken shindigs, but Lee's taking it all in his stride, even playing a song called 'Floating'. He seems very much at home, in fact, as he attempts to get typically wary London trendies to move closer to the stage and get with it a bit more. We oblige, mainly because Lee and his two funked-up cohorts are doing some vaguely compulsive things with fried blues licks and JBs drumbeats.

The main focus, though, is Lee himself, a less threatening Mark Linkous with messy hair and even messier lyrical concerns. Current single 'Kill Somebody', for example, is stripped down to its propulsive bassline and shuffling beat, while Lee mutters the menacing title refrain like he's just emerged half-crazed from the bayou. If the music is often too similar in its way with a lolloping acid-jazz groove, then at least there's always this good ol' boy to keep us entertained with his soul phrasings and off-kilter charm.

We emerge nauseous. But that's the fault of the waves, you understand. Shawn Lee's kept us buoyant.

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