Andy Capper dons a bikini to get the full experience of this week's Balearic-flavoured various


Ayia Napa The Album Mixed by Shanks & Bigfoot

(Ministry Of Sound)

A delightful island, Ayia Napa is where you holiday if you're into UK garage. Though unlikely to eclipse Ibiza as the drug addict's favourite destination, it favours songs over lightsticks - new mixes of Craig David's 'Fill Me In' and Sweet Female Attitude's 'Flowers' feature.

Necessary or evil? Great for casual garage fans who can't face trawling through thousands of 12"s at snooty skateboard/boutique/record shops run by the village butcher's son. 8/10


Cream Ibiza - Arrivals


Superclub Cream arrives in Ibiza again with a double CD stuffed with remixes of yesterday's chart hits. There's a young lady on the cover - and guess what? She's wearing a bikini!

Necessary or evil? If Satan himself was commissioned to compile a record of devilish dance mediocrity, he'd be hard-pushed to contrive a thing more evil. 2/10


DJ Pippi Presents Undiscovered Ibiza Volume 2

(Undiscovered Recordings)

For eight months of the year, you can find DJ Pippi toiling away in the back room of the M15 record shop in Ibiza doing the accounts. Come summer and El Pip plays smooth ambient tunes to people too spannered to remember their own names.

Necessary or evil? The best Ibiza album I've ever heard. But then, I've only listened to two. 7/10


Real Ibiza 3 - Chilling You Softly

(React Music)

DJ Chris Coco "chills us softly" with 20 chill-out gems mined from chill-out central, ie, his record box. Which he keeps in his freezer. So a lot of cool cuts, basically.

Necessary or evil? Trumpet Man and Trumpet Thing put trumpets firmly in the jazz-funk picture, while Nightmares On Wax and Ralph Hildenbeutel provide the kind of tracks specifically designed for compilations like this. Excitement not included. 6/10

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