2000BC (Before Can-I-Bus)

...he's still to find the right production team to match his vocabulary.

After making his name by dissing LL Cool J on his stunning first single 'Second Round KO', Canibus' fortunes have dipped somewhat. Lauded as one of rap's finest young talents, his much-hyped first album 'Canibus' fell short of everybody's expectations due to its lacklustre beats, provided by his then mentor Wyclef Jean.

. Wonder who's going to take the rap for this one then?

Although clearly Canibus is undoubtedly one of the best freestyling lyricists of his generation, he's still to find the right production team to match his vocabulary. Though the two fantastic opening tracks, 'The C-Quel' and '2000BC (Before Can-I-Bus)', have enough hooks and beats to match his quickfire delivery, the rest of the album descends into monotony. There's just not enough concepts or ideas on show - every song is a fist-fight to the death.

The duet with Rakim, 'I'll Buss 'Em U Punish 'Em', only highlights how far away Canibus is from being one of the all-time greats. While the young MC growls away with his 100-words-per-second delivery, Rakim keeps it cool and tells it with true hip-hop panache. Sometimes less is more.
6 / 10

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