Los Angeles Universal Ampitheatre

Big ballads, tight pants and bigger hair...

Here at the Universal Amphitheatre, security has been standing by. In a fleeting moment though, they are called into action as hundreds of fans from the upper tiers, with the encouragement of goldie-locked frontman Bret Michaels, who calls for this to become a big party, rush past the dumbfounded ushers toward the pit. But rather than attempt to stop the growing mob, the uniformed officers smile, begin to bob their heads in time with the music and eventually start singing along - after all, when was the last time anyone started a riot to 'Unskinny Bop'?

It's reunion time for the one time 'fairest of all' hair metal bands - Poison. And this one is taking place on the very stage they first tore themselves apart. It was backstage at this venue in 1992, Michaels tells us, that he and guitarist CC Deville, first came to blows, and tonight they're breaking the curse. Ending the battle of egos, they mend their differences with a compromise - allowing Deville guitar solos during 'Fallen Angel', 'When I Hear the Music', and nearly every other song from their repertoire of late-'80s hits. So grateful are the rest of Poison that Deville's rejoined the fold, he's given a moment to sing a song to his fiancie, the self-penned 'I Hate Every Bone In Your Body, But My Own'. Bless.

But these are the sorts of things you can do at a hometown gig, and especially in Los Angeles, a town that helped fostered the pretty boy rocker explosion and judging from the ageing, but unabashed, Poison enthusiasts gathered here tonight, never really let go. More than just a nod to nostalgia, Poison deliver a full dose, caught among bright pyrotechnics, and big ballads, tight pants and bigger hair, bad tans and guitar solos. They are the guiltiest of guilty pleasures and they absolutely revel in it. The times may have changed, but Poison haven't changed a bit.

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