AC Acoustics Crush Cooking Vinyl

AC Acoustics

Crush (Cooking Vinyl)

Poor old AC Acoustics. Always overlooked, forever undervalued. Once

chucked out by their record company like fast-food packaging, when in fact their

mission has always been to forge something of importance and durability out of

this funny guitar music lark. Main man Paul Campion once even went so far

as to declare to NME that they were "the beginning, the middle and the end,

as far as experimental fucking guitar music goes". Which was, it's safe to say,

an incautiously generous self-assessment.

However, AC Acoustics

haven't given up yet. Mostly quiet for the last year or so, save a smattering of

singles which manifested bursts of vaguely confused genius, they have finally

completed their third (and first for Cooking Vinyl) album. 'Crush' is a

promising indicator of what we have to look forward to - a giddy, hooky and

melodic little spin that sounds, for some reason, vaguely like fellow

underachievers Linoleum. B-sides 'She Kills For Kicks' and

'Ridley Rider', meanwhile, sound a bit like Beck and Death In

, respectively. AC Acoustics, then. Always eclectic, forever

rule-bending, occasionally obtuse. Usually, and in this case most definitely,


April Long

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