The Cliches Are True

Manchild Feat Kelly Jones The Clichés Are True OLI

Manchild Feat Kelly Jones

The Clichés Are True (OLI)

Ah, the collaborative effort. Really, the success of techno-pop duo

Manchild's most shamelessly chart-hugging moment to date depends entirely

on what you think of professional Welshman Kelly Jones. Is he the

doe-eyed, gravel-voiced, blue-collar bard of everyman, fit to inherit the

rough-shaven, broad-shouldered mantle of Brooce Springsteen? Or a

flag-waving, fascistic Valleys-inbred, fanning the flames of anti-English

sentiment with those skin-crawlingly hirsute caterpillar eyebrows? Anyway, Jones

prangs his guitar, the front 12 rows turn into an ocean of greasy mullets, and

Manchild kick up a perky techno fuss in the background. Our man Van

might be killing puritans, but on 'Clichés...',

Manchild are showing them the error of their ways.

Louis Pattison

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