Star Of The Show EP

Aerial Star Of The Show EP Fantastic Plastic


Star Of The Show EP (Fantastic Plastic)

Remember Midget? Snug? How about Bennet? Of course you

don't. But what matters about all those bands isn't the names, the song titles or

even the ill-fated nature of their careers, but the fact they all had their

millisecond in the limelight. Dizzy guitars and dreams of becoming The Beach

are always in demand.

And like the others before them,

Aerial's EP is too cheeky and irritating to dislike. For crying out loud,

'Star Of The Show' features deranged handclapping and whooping! Simply,

it's the sound of a band who haven't thought about concepts, marketing strategies

and corporate sweet-talking. And it's a blast of fresh air no matter what you

think of the tunes. Forget the name, forget the songs. But don't feel bad about

remembering music can sometimes be this stupidly joyous.

Siobhan Grogan

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