Faces In The Crowd

Bridge & Tunnel Faces In The Crowd(Harmsonic)

Bridge & Tunnel

Faces In The Crowd(Harmsonic)

Bridge & Tunnel are Mark and Nathan (what solid, working-class names these ambient post-dance music bods always have) and this, their second single, features Pinkie McClure on vocals, quietly asphyxiating in this thick suspension of ghostly trip-hop, coming on like the woman in Eduard Munch's The Scream ("Ghosts are scratching at my door...").[/I] With its measured, ominous rhythmical tread and unexpected fragments of sound

off-screen, this is aurally redolent of long, faintly panic-stricken walks through unfamiliar stretches of town on foggy nights after the last bus. Just the sort of thing to jolly

up your August.

Reviewed by Squire David Stubbs, up from the country for the day to check out the doings of the young people

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