Pure Pleasure Seeker

Moloko Pure Pleasure Seeker(Echo)


Pure Pleasure Seeker(Echo)

Confession time. This hack IS mildly autistic. Seriously. He suffers from a chronic inability to distinguish between vaguely similar names and faces. For real! And it's a properly recognised and diagnosed and totally genuine medical condition so I am officially 'disabled' and therefore dead cool so fkcu you!

'June' and 'July' - that's always a bastard this time of year. And this condition is one reason why I'm so utterly unsuited to be a rock hack. Because have you ever noticed how acts' names come along in clusters? Like one minute there are no MCs and suddenly there's hundreds of them and you're meant to be able to tell them all apart? Like, one day you don't know anybody calledIce and the next minute it's all Ice Cube and Ice-T and Vanilla Ice and they're all apparently different people? And Gay Dad and Puff Daddy? What's going on there?

OK, so I've just about worked out that Moloko are nothing to do with the annoying ladyboy goth-pymy arse who gibbers dumb doggerel for Placebo. No, Moloko make subtly slippery Bristolian-stylee trippery-hoppery type aural shrubbery to be used in the background when you're throwing a polite suburban dinner party that DOESN'T involve copious amounts of crack cocaine and eating raw pigs while they're still breathing but trussed up so they can't run away. Right? Right! So what the fuck is this then? It's some lass billycooing while a tuba makes stupid farting noises in the background. Which means it sounds EXACTLY like Placebo! I tell yer, they're out to fuck with our minds, maaaaaaan!


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