I love love

Superstar I Love Love(Camp Fabulous)


I Love Love(Camp Fabulous)

Veteran underachievers Superstar hurl themselves back into the public eye with a song based on the time singer Joe McAlinden bought Love's 'Forever Changes' after Mick Head recommended it in a Pale Fountains-era NME interview. Mmmm. All very touching, all very boring, depressingly akin to hearing about other people's drunken college experiences or the time they dreamt they were Richard Ashcroft and it was 'really weird'. If the subject matter scores fairly low on the truth, beauty and soul meter, then so must the song - not surprising when it's like being trapped inside a string section with Embrace. Sure, they've grasped the dynamics of orchestral bluster head-on, but like a kid who's caught a snake, they aren't really sure what to do with it now they've got hold of it. Time to return that reflected glory, Superstar, and take a long hard look at yourselves.

Victoria Segal

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