You Do Voodoo

Hayley's Cake You Do Voodoo(Invicta HiFi)

Hayley's Cake

You Do Voodoo(Invicta HiFi)

Friends with Ooberman, which isn't how anyone should have to be introduced in polite society. Still, given the unrelenting perkiness of their second single, you imagine Hayley's Cake are quite happy about the label. In fact, you imagine they're quite happy about everything, which as everyone knows is chronically deviant behaviour. Although not quite as suspect as sounding like The Cardigans shrunk half their size in the kitsch hot wash.'You Do Voodoo' is pop music for people who like pop to show how fun and ironic they are. It's not hateful, just tiring - like having your sleeve constantly tugged by Hello Kitty - while Lucy Grannon's Carnaby squeak and Dave Williams' buoyant organ riff merge into in one horrible acid-jazz flashback. You can have your Cake, but you probably wouldn't want to eat it.

Victoria Segal

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