Athens Ohio EP

Solex Athens Ohio EP(Matador)


Athens Ohio EP(Matador)

Elisabeth Esselink, the self-sampling queen of pointedly arrhythmic herky-jerky quirk-pop, drops one untouched and five remixed cuts from her rather splendid 'Pick Up' album. The intact title track is still the freshest here, a crazy-paving art-funk clatter sounding wired and permanently on the verge of a grisly kitchen accident involving dolphins and expensive cutlery. Esselink may run a mile from orthodox structure and melody, but she also often captures that whacked-out, dynamic, slightly volatile edge of endless possibility that the best riot grrrl stuff shared.

The remaining tracks, mostly rejigged by labelmates like Leeds DJ Steward and Glasgow tech-heads Mount Florida, veer between honking clonktronica and garbled glum'n'bass. But Esselink remains her own best collaborator, always managing to humanise her splatterfunk aesthetic while rendering seemingly random ejaculations sharper than a knitting needle in the eye.

Stephen Dalton

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