Laika Uneasy(Too Pure)


Uneasy (Too Pure)

If you've among those who've never gotten into Laika - and, judging by the fact that they haven't got seven sell-out nights lined up at Wembley Arena, I'll assume that includes a fair

few of you - then you're denying yourself a sublime treat. 'Uneasy' is one of the best tracks from their third, upcoming album, 'Good Looking Blue', a more rounded, less angular

affair than their previous two.

With their mix of samples, synths and overlapping rhythms, Laika conjure up a sound that's somehow as naturalistic as an autumn landscape and as synthetic as blue candy. Over a tense, cylindrical drum riff and limpid keyboard backdrop, dripping like oil on troubled waters, vocalist Margaret Fiedler offers a restrained lament to a lover who's abandoned her ("You never miss the water till the well runs dry"), though her understated tones suggest something more disturbing than melancholy. If they don't get back together, she might just start stalking him.

Fiedler's vocals are effortlessly bittersweet, exuding the sort of emotionally ambiguous sensuality poor Madonna's been trying to squeeze out of her squeaky little voice for years.

But she's more than just the voice - along with Guy Fixsen,

she's responsible for the subliminal undertow of samples and effects here, proving that all that black box stuff isn't exclusively the boys' preserve while the girls coo up front. The additional

B-side tracks, 'Lie Low' and 'Single Word' - unavailable on

the album - are excellent also, unfolding like black orchids on time-lapse camera.

David Stubbs

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