I'd Do Anything

Jay-Z I'd Do Anything(Def Jam)


I'd Do Anything (Def Jam)

He just about got away with that 'Hard Knock Life' effort, featuring the sample from Annie by virtue of the sheer oddity of its lateral-thinking, but this follow-up is an utterly lame, lazy attempt at replication. This time round, it's a sample from Lionel Bart's Oliver!, overlaid with another of those mumbled raps about how life used to be so hard Jay and his family used to have to live in a shoebox in the middle of the ghetto and get up half-an-hour before they went to bed but now, by the grace of God and a bunch of crappy singles like this, he's living the high life. If this isn't on sale at a newsagent's near you for 25p in three months' time then there is no hope for humanity.

David Stubbs

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