'The Frontline EP'

These guys are truly hungry for it...

True London banter from 'The Frontline''s take no shit rappers Intenz, Rodney P and MC.D. Deckwrecka pushes the beats forward with the drive of a looping guitar jangle and punching beefy brass stabs creating a menacing intensity. A perfect track to wind you up for a bout with the bank manager.

These guys are truly hungry for it, "like a Sunday dinner when you haven't eaten for a week".

The flip, 'Big Up', is more of a party bubbler instrumental, complete with megamix qualities jumping into several sample excursions and flexing the 'Wrecka's cutting skills.

The last

track, 'Charras Wrexus' makes a creative diversion featuring Greaser Leo.B on the slide guitar, riding over a more trip-hop, beat-heavy instrumental, straight out of 'Twin Peaks'.

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