Craig : At This Time Of Year

This single really is unbelievably shit...

From the label what brung us everyone from Gina G to Dario G, Crai G off the UK 'Big Brother' show releases his first single. For overseas readers, Crai G accused everyone else of being manipulative and backstabbing. While, at the same time, being manipulative and backstabbing.

There are a number of things going for Crai G, for example:

He's so nice because he's giving half the profits to a Down's Syndrome charity

He has a fairly respectably sized penis

He's working class and therefore brilliant at everything


He's only giving half the profits to a Down's Syndrome charity, which seems a little odd. Perhaps they only deserve a certain amount of money. Nice one!

This single is shit

And, considering he's been working with the same people who've worked with the likes of Kylie, Ricky Martin and a1, this single really is unbelievably shit. It's just jaw-droppingly shit. Really. Just really, really shit.

Peter Robinson
1 / 10

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