Bellatrix : Girl with the sparkling eyes, The

to sound a little bit like the Shop Assistants...

The international language of indie guitars again. From the four corners of the globe they came, their aim - to sound a little bit like the Shop Assistants.

With 'The Girl With The Sparkling Eyes', puffin-munching popsters Bellatrix exuberantly breeze through a beat-up Blondie tune, warning a pal to stay well of a femme fatale, but long before you've reached the end of the record we've been hypnotised by the mental image of Bellatrix spending their childhoods outside Siggi's Records in Reykjavik, waiting for a copy of the new Darling Buds album to turn up rather than trying to find something more interesting to do with their music.

Thanks to the wonders of global warming, the majority of Iceland will be submerged under several metres of melted polar ice-cap within a few decades. Not before time.

Jim Wirth

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