Hatiras : Spaced Invader

You will not get bored. Ever again. Ever.

Oh yes. Nothing like a cascade of relentless, straight-up, hard-banging 4/4 disco-house to clear the Xmas cobwebs from yer bumcrack. Scurry off chilly winter streets

onto furnace-like dancefloors

his month and we guarantee that you'll hear this rush of thumping genius, if you haven't had it laser-written onto your cranium already. Toronto club kid Hatiras has concocted precisely the kind of hyper-dumb, spasmodic beat monster that keeps house music the essential sonic flavour for discerning rug-cutters everywhere, while desperate beat-fads like UK garage blow up and die. And better than that, he's got Darren Emerson to smash it all up and conjure something even more urgently chest-crushing out of the fragments. And, fuck, there's, like, fifty other remixes in this package. You will not get bored. Ever again. Ever.

Christian Ward

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