Limp Bizkit : Rollin'

...'telling you we've got a great deal of money' , which, indeed, is what they do here.

Subtitled 'Urban Assault Vehicle', and fair enough comment, because the Bizkit thing bears a great resemblance to a huge brightly coloured vehicle with caterpillar tracks being driven through a built-up area. Albeit, one must add, one which sounds as though it's been piloted by Robert Smith. No worries, though, for the meat-headed Durst, because while he and his loosely-clothed mates might still be a bit in the dark of some of the subtleties of the rock/rap crossover, they're completely

clued in on the whole 'telling you we've got a great deal of money' angle, which, indeed, is what they do here.

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And really, no wonder. Limp Bizkit might be a bit blundering, but compared to the personal agonies of Korn, to hear a rock band being, basically, a bit, like, fucking dumb and occasionally quite funny on a record is really quite a refreshing sort of a change. I am, as we speak, 'throwing down'.

John Robinson

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