Twig : I Sweat Tabasco

Listen, enjoy, seek aspirin.

You can hardly imagine Judge Jules introducing Twig to a steaming dancefloor. There's that non-techno name for starters, but Twig has no interest in the swish chrome plating of most dance music anyway. He's got much more evil things in mind. Namely, making sounds so harsh, so clatteringly noisy, that they'll leave you feeling splendidly disorientated, dizzy and slightly nauseous. Techno, drum'n'bass and house in only the very loosest senses, here angle grinders are set to stun, industrial-type things clank and grind, and it all sounds like a nasty computer virus gleefully and noisily wiping your entire hard drive.

This is closer to the revolutionary esprit de corps of Alec Empire's Digital Hardcore Recordings than anything else. But without the accompanying politics. In fact, without any lyrics at all here words are merely confined to funny, onomatopoeic titles like 'Urban Pelvic Remedy', 'Tepid Metal Kitten' and the awesomely virulent 'Pump Me Like A Burger King'. So, if Primal Scream's 'Exterminator' was often referred to as war you could dance to, this is all-out, unrelenting, bludgeoning combat rave for the desensitised.

Twig, it turns out, is the perfect name primeval, gnarly, but above all, very handy for administering a good beating to the head. Listen, enjoy, seek aspirin.

Jim Alexander
8 / 10

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