Sticky Fingaz : Get It Up

Sometime Onyx member offers a taster of forthcoming 'Autobiography Of Kirk Jones' LP...

The Onyx hardman offers a taster from his forthcoming 'Autobiography Of Kirk Jones' LP, and friendly competition to his bandmate Fredo Starr, in the form of a track designed to increase tensions and start trouble in clubs. Only it's not. It's just a regular hip-hop track for the thugs, the curious and the clueless, with more than enough one-liners to raise an eyebrow and a vibe not far removed from Pharoahe Monch's recent 'Simon Says' hit.

Intentionally dated, at least in terms of the scratched siren sound, 'Get It Up' is actually more devious than it seems, especially in its description of the bacchanalian atmosphere in a club that could be modelled on the famous Tunnel Club in Manhattan, but is actually somewhere more grimy. It must be, what with people getting blowjobs in corners, a palpable air of menace in the air, the pregnant threat of violence, and, as the heavy beats fade, a robbery that nets someone's diamond-encrusted jewellery.

Truly, Sticky Fingaz is a master of the mise-en-scene, with a careful eye for just the right amount of detail.

Dele Fadele
7 / 10

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