Pilote : Do It Now Man

Apehx-style techno crunchings from Pilote, following-up acclaimed debut 'Antenna'...

This second album of electronic musings from Brighton's Stuart Cullen takes on a darker hue than his acclaimed debut 'Antenna' but still retains it's predecessor's barbed sense of humour. Mixing shards of melody, crunchy beats and lo-fi noodlings, infected with a Heath Robinson crankiness, 'Do It Now Man' strays almost too deeply into Aphex/Paradinas territory for it's own good.

However, Cullen eventually proves he's his own man - the post acid crash of the supremely wired 'Paul Oakenfold' with its slurry slug beats and twisted techno is especially good, as is the defiantly oddball beauty of the cod-funk 'French Canadian'.

Best of all is the world weary 'Fairplay' where a disembodied Peter Cook claims "I have had a long life, I've had a very good life. And I've had just about enough of it really" over a plaintive melody and stuttering backbeat. Not all of it hangs together though - you can have too much of a good thing, and the likes of the metronomic 'Nelson' and the Hal Hartley sampling 'Dialogue' outstay their welcome by a good hour or two.

Despite that 'Do It Now Man' is guaranteed to enthral and infuriate in equal measures, and ultimately wins you over with a measure of cheek and unhinged charm.

Neil Gardner
6 / 10

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