Various : Music For All Persuasions

Renedage Soundwave curate a thrilling comp of schizo funk, breakbeat and tech-house...

Renegade Soundwave have always had their fingers on the pulse, pre-dating the current fascination for English gangster-isms with the casual menace of their first single 'Kray Twins', anticipating the wide boy rap of Stereo MCs and borrowing from Serge Gainsbourg when being French was still a capital offence in the eyes of most dance music journalists. They then perfected the blueprint of heavy dubwise breaks and slinky basslines that has influenced a whole generation of future beat scientists, before lapsing into rather undeserved recent obscurity.

Good then to see them back again curating this rather fine slice of electro boogie for the highly rated 10 Kilo label. A healthy dose of breakbeats and tech-house currently ripping up a dance floor near you, 'Music for all Persuasions' crosses many boundaries from the Speak and Spell phat beats of Rennie Pilgrim's 'Paranoia' via Undergram's schizo funk to PFN's unrelenting 'Put Your Earphones On' - a rump-shaker that's subjected to such a battery of filters and effects it sounds like it's being gradually dragged under water.

Best of all is the Layo and Bushwacka! overhaul of their own ten year old classic 'Phantom', a mix that brings the old masters kicking and screaming into the twentieth century whilst giving the original 'nuff respect. Keep 'em peeled.

Neil Gardner
7 / 10

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