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The meek, of course, shall inherit the earth. Eventually....

THE MEEK, OF COURSE, SHALL INHERIT the earth. Eventually. Which is good news for self-effacing, patient types like Seattle's Harvey Danger, who waited six years before making their first record and have only played a handful of live dates, testing the water before deciding whether to take this pop malarkey seriously.

'Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone?' is that rarest of things in the high-speed lunacy of modern rock'n'roll: a slow burner. Originally released on a New York independent label in 1997, it has just been merited proper worldwide distribution and comes recommended to those acolytes of the slightly whiny school of American songwriting that brought us REM, Green Day, The Replacements and the dBs.

In accordance with such a solid musical lineage, Harvey Danger make no pretensions at raking back the borders of popular music, but do a pretty decent job of writing an intelligent guitar pop record which veers calmly from the breakneck pace of opener 'Carlotta Valdez', through the radio-friendly 'Flagpole Sitta' to the mildly tortured strains of the finale, 'Radio Silence'.

For those who lose sleep waiting for the next Redd Kross album, then, it's an unpolished jewel. For anyone else, it's a bit of an irrelevance. The meek still have a while to wait.
7 / 10

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