Sigle Of The Week - MODJO : Chillin'

It's another bloody brilliant bag of wibbly French disco!

Stardust knew it. M/A/R/R/S knew it. For Christ's sake, even St Winifred's School Choir knew it: you just don't do a second single. However pleasurable that release of gas might have been, following through leaves you with shit in your pants. Simple pop fact.

But like British Telecom's systematic exploitation of ET, Modjo's - steady now - second single after the brilliant Number One 'Lady (Hear Me Tonight)', sees an idea that should have been left where it was (in space and on international illuminated dancefloors, respectively), wheeled out once again for a nation of teens who'd rather jack than Steve Lamacq. And guess what? It's another bloody brilliant bag of wibbly French disco!

In fact the gyrating splendidness of 'Chillin'' almost eclipses the mildly disturbing fact that, on the evidence of the video, Modjo have now chosen to be represented not by three shagging French people running about in the countryside, but by a crap futuristic vision of Frank Sidebottom.

Peter Robinson

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