Kid Rock : Bawitdaba

The Kid's US breakthrough, released here in time for his Brixton gig in June...

Its chorus alone could level a police precinct, so perhaps one shouldn't ask too many questions. But... what does it all mean?

A bit like "Awopbopaloobop" or "Sha-na-na", "Bawitdaba" is one of those musical nonsense words that can mean everything, and nothing. Today, it's the raw-throated baby talk of Kid Rock's 'breakthrough' single in the US, now finally released in the UK in time for his Brixton gig in June.

It translates like this: a mighty collision of hard rock anthemics and white boy raps. It's about absolutely nothing at all, but, y'know, it's for a lot of his homies, some prostitutes, "Chicks with bleepers", some fellas in rehab, some guys in prison, among others. Utter nonsense, then; but that's not going to get in the way of its ability to make grown men leap about like salmon.

Kitty Empire
7 / 10

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