Grand Drive : London Camden Dingwalls

Grand Drive have matured into a band that really matters...

If the Wilson Brothers have a porch outside their South London homestead, you can bet the last dollar of your pay check that it just collapsed killing their dog, their girlfriends, their mother and their last chance of hope in this doggone world. All's not well for them, but the richly evocative, highly emotive hoedown of the Wilsons and their two compadres is more than OK for us.

Since playing second fiddle to Witness in 1998's rush to find Britain's new alt-country saviours, Grand Drive have thankfully left their dour, overwrought epics behind. They've gone a little more pop, a little less rock and matured into a band that really matters. For 'My Best Side' think the lush grandeur of organ swirls via Wilco's 'Summerteeth' opus; for 'Sleepy' consider the chiming melancholy of Grandaddy and you're getting to the nub of this band's real


They put on a great show of heartaches by the number buoyed by a rousing pop sensibility, all bittersweet beauty to the core. If there's a card offering you to put a cross by the Grand Drive Party, be sure to mark it and revel in their ups and downs.

Ben Clancy

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