Jessica Simpson : Irresistible

Currently America's most attractive and famous virgin...

Forget Britney. Twenty one-year-old Jessica Simpson is currently America's most attractive and famous virgin. Originally a gospel singer at the local Baptist church where her father was youth minister, the young Jessica got her big break performing at the 'True Love Waits' conferences her father would address. Now, she happily tells the world's media how she just says no. But - luckily - she has no qualms about shoving out her chest and pouting for the camera in a belt-sized skirt for the record sleeve or about 'forgetting' most of her clothes for the video or, indeed, about releasing 'Irresistible', a breathy tale about Jessica's battle to remain chaste. To the delight of lonely men everywhere, she tells us she's "weak with desire" and knows "I'm meant to say no". And all this from a minister's daughter. The mind boggles at how she'd have turned out if she'd spent her teens glugging cider on a street corner.

Siobhan Grogan

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