A Dream Of Blue

No, don't laugh. [a]Lance Gambit[/a], who brought us the [I]Vision On[/I] gallery theme, here tackles the top pop hits of the '90s in a lounge style....

No, don't laugh. Lance Gambit, who brought us the Vision On gallery theme, here tackles the top pop hits of the '90s in a lounge style. A hideous piece of post-kitsch irony? Possibly. The essence of pop music? Probably...

Sure, these easy, sometimes cheesy, interpretations of Oasis, Robbie Williams, Blur, The Verve et al get you thinking you're trapped in lift hell for all eternity, but that part of your brain that secretly loves Aqua and Spice Girls (also covered here) sparks into life and goes on a feeding frenzy. It's suave enough, the effortless swing of bossa nova and shimmy of vibes are the height of Martini cool, while stripped of bluster, songs like 'Disco 2000', 'Angels' and even, God help us, Sash's 'Encore Une Fois' stand up as smart tunes.

As with the old Bert Kaempfert interpretations of Beatles songs, 'Cocktail 2000' offers a pan-generational glimpse of a moment in pop history, although 'Breakfast At Tiffany's' will forever remain an odious boil of a song. And when you inevitably grow bored of it, just give it to Oxfam for your children to rediscover.

Go on then, laugh, just don't pretend you didn't enjoy it.
7 / 10

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