American Hi-Fi : American Hi-Fi

Blinking punk-pop it's ok to like...

Looking for a decent American punk pop band these days is a bit like groping around for a pound coin you left at the bottom of a large sack of shit. Let's face it, any old SoCal nonce can learn three powerchords, dye their hair five different shades of vomit and find a drummer willing to stick carrots up his bum onstage. Coming across 'American Hi-Fi' is like being handed a masterpiece of fiction by David Baddiel or watching a funny Eddie Murphy movie.

It's perhaps singer Stacy Jones - status as alumni of early-90s grunge popsters Veruca Salt that makes his band smarter than the average bare-arsed skate twats. Hence 'Flavor Of The Weak', a song about trying to tell someone their boyfriend makes a bucket of slugs look stylish and considerate. It pretty much sums up an album where the lyrics are emotionally confused (they were inspired by the break-up of Veruca Salt, next to which, allegedly, the last days of Sodom were a picnic with Coldplay), the tunes are impeccably Blink-ish and you can tell it was recorded on the tropical island of Maui because the guitarist appears to spend the entire album on a jet ski. Torch your copies of 'Heaven Is Being A Halfwit' kids, and wire up this brand new rig.

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Mark Beaumont
7 / 10

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