Lopez, Lisa 'Lefteye' : The Block Party

After working with the dreadful Mel C, Lisa Lopez' quality control has gone haywire.

After working with the dreadful Melanie

C, it's no surprise to discover that Lisa Lopes' quality

ontrol has gone haywire. We'd like to tell you about the rest of this

track - about the fact that it starts off as gloriously irreverent

old-skool hip-hop and almost morphs into ace Blondie-style

pop-rap - but we're distracted by the insanely irritating, high-pitched

geisha-girl wail of the repetitive chorus. It makes us want to tear off

our own heads so our ears don't work any more. In fact, we'd personally

like to hunt down the person responsible and make them pay for

destroying what would otherwise have been the most brilliant, downright

enjoyable song released this week. Ms Lopes, we do not

take kindly to being teased.

Siobhan Grogan

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