Adam F : Stand Clear

A chest-beating burst of apocalyptic stomp-hop...

Jeez, you didn't even have to be very good at that jungle lark to go onto great things. Just look atAdam F, who back in the late '90s was a painfully-average drum'n'bass type that weathered, with sour face, a Biblical deluge of ridicule for being the stepson of Alvin Stardust. Now, after a second wigga epiphany, he's returned with an enormously pompous rap record that thinks it's Terminator 3. 'Stand Clear', though, actually ain't bad: a chest-beating burst of apocalyptic stomp-hop, New York ghetto fellows MOP at the helm. They've never heard of Alvin Stardust, and they sound as hard as fucking nails. Adam F must be feeling particularly smug.

Louis Pattison

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